Alongside our domestic work and bespoke commissions for individual customers we have carried out many projects that involve the design and making of new stained glass or restoration of existing stained glass windows for public and commercial buildings. Commercial work requires the same level of commitment, patience and skill that say a small heritage restoration project demands. Here are some examples of the work we have completed.

Commercial lettering example - London Tube station
Famous tube station signage

Here the project was to repair and restore the tube station signage back to its original state. The typeface is recognisable the world over and was originally conceived by Edward Johnston at the turn of the twentieth century. An interesting project that produced a highly satisfying result that is viewed by many thousands of people each day.

Commercial restoration project - Gielgud Theatre
Gielgud Theatre, London

The Gielgud Theatre on Shaftsbury Avenue in London opened back in December 1906 and has hosted world famous shows. The project involved the repair and restoration of the distinctive stained glass balustrade above the theatre entrance. The glass was carefully chosen to match the existing pieces both in colour and texture.

Commercial restoration window project - Pro Cathedral, Clifton, Bristol
Pro Cathedral, Clifton, Bristol

The Pro Cathedral of the Holy Apostles was the Roman Catholic cathedral in Bristol from 1850 to 1973. The building has recently been redeveloped into luxury student accomaodation and during this redevelopment the circular window shown here was fully repaired back to its original design. Today it forms a stunning center piece in the communal lounge area.