Heritage Restoration

Heritage restoration comes in many different guises - the work can range from restoring an old grade listed stained glass window, where every pane has to be carefully cleaned and reused, to taking an original window and tastefully re-envigorating it using a new and modern approach.

Some of our heritage work is shown here - we pride ourselves in repectfully treating every project individually and always doing what is the right thing in the circumstances.

Church window restoration before
Church window restoration

The brief was to make the main cross center piece more prominent. Working closely with the customer a design was drawn up with the colours and glass type successfully matched to the remaining panes.

Church window restoration after successful restoration

The window beautifully enhanced - the cross has become the prominent feature and the remaining panes have benefitted from a professional clean.

Grade listed window before restoration
Grade Listed window restoration

A very sorry looking window badly in need of careful restoration. The plain glass needed to be replaced with the original design - inspiration was taken from the colours and design of the top panes.

Grade listed window after restoration

The result after careful restoration is stunning - the window is unrecognisable and is back to its best. Just shows what respectful restoration can achieve.

Grade listed window before repair
Grade Listed window repair

An intricate and careful repair was needed on this window - look carefully to spot some missing circular panes at the bottom of the window. Colours and glass type had to be carefully matched to respect the remainder of the panes.

Grade listed window after repair

Following the repair it is almost impossible to spot the new panes - the aim of all good restoration projects. The window is further enhanced by a professional clean of the remaining panes.